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- The Complete Solution for Managing Your Clients, Products and Personnel management for insurance sector

i-Clientele is a state of the art product offered by ADI SOLUTIONS INC. Designed for and by an Insurance specialist, it is a product that offers to make the business of an Insurance Brokerage firm more streamlined and efficient.

i-Clientele is the complete solution for the Independent Insurance Broker/Agency. With its modular design, i-Clientele can also be used by other businesses which are not insurance related. However, for an Insurance Broker firm, it is a comprehensive solution for all their business needs. From Client to Products and Human Resources, it addresses all the processes and data management for the business.

With i-Clientele there is no need for maintaining data on Excel Spreadsheets or local PCs. i-Clientele provides an user friendly interf ace where everything is available online, making it accessible from anywhere.

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Reduced total cost of ownership

We offer lower and correct price on the product and you pay only for the number of employees who access the system and we don’t charge any yearly maintenance fee if you have your own database.

No IT resources required

Applications are delivered via the Internet and don’t require IT resources to configure or install -- nor manage/maintain/monitor. Once set can be accessed by employees from their own work/home computer.

Accessible 24 x 7 from anywhere

Simple and affordable to start-up and own

We offer the "Pay as you go" business model; we don’t offer any upfront annual subscription until your satisfied with our service and software. If not satisfied, you cancel and take your data with you.

Fast implementation

We offer fast and quick installations where you can start using the system in weeks rather than customizing new software that will take months.


We provide free upgrades of our systems as and when we add new functionalities to improve the functionality and efficiency of the software. The products that we offer are ...

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