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Outsourcing is a very viable solution and meets midway between an offshoring service versus an onsite service . For clients looking for an economical solution to their IT needs with a tight budget that does not allow for 100% onsite work and who are not comfortable offshoring their data and IT, our outsourcing service is the answer for you.

All our outsourcing solution in a mix of onsite and offsite work with the work carried out either at the client;s location or in our offsite office in New Jersey.

One of our success stories is the Upgrade of Peoplesoft HRMS system from version 7.0 to 8.9 for a prestigious client in California. Most of the IT work being undertaken in NJ by our team of Peoplesoft experts made sure that the project is delivered on time. Our exceptional management strategy resulted in a very satisfied client, less than 10% of defects, a successful UAT and onsite customer training.


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